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We can improve your productivity and performance internationally or right here at home working on teams with real diversity!

We don't waste your time.  We teach you what you need to know to understand and motivate employees and leaders from different cultural backgrounds - right now! 

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In a recent training session, Frank P., an American sales and marketing director, said:

"After training with Ted, now I understand where we went wrong with our Japanese customer.  We'd wasted almost four months, so much time and money, because we were negotiating incorrectly, because we didn't know that we were doing anything wrong.  Now that we've understood these Cross Cultural Communication concepts, we will adjust our strategy when dealing with our Japanese customers and work to build a better relationship.  Based on that, I know we can get where we need to be."

Check out what our customers say about us:

  •  Over 94% of our course evaluations clearly state, "I would recommend this course to a coworker".
  •  Over 96% of our evaluations state, "I would recommend this trainer to a coworker".  
  •  We are able to get you what you need, fast, to improve productivity and people performance immediately.
  • Our courses are delivered professionally, with impact, wherever you need them.  Contact us and let us know what you need!

We offer what most training companies can’t:

  • A mix of solid, published research theory and academic background supported by real-world experience on four continents
  • A hard hitting, enjoyable training experience with no fluff – what we teach is what you need to get things done across cultures, right now
  • Extensive experience training senior members of large organizations on four continents - directors, vice presidents, presidents, and senior managers, as well as more junior members just beginning their career, either in leadership, sales or the technical trades
  • Courses offered at your location, when you need them, wherever you are
  • Online and webconference options available to give you the flexibility you need, even if you are pressed for time!




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