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Learn from our cross cultural training experience to increase profitability and efficiency right now, no matter where your team is located!       

Owner and senior trainer, Ted Bezner, has extensive experience in cross-cultural situations.  It's how he grew up, and it's his professional passion. He has the academic and work background to help you understand how you can improve productivity and performance internationally, immediately!

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By age 5 Ted's parents had already exposed him to 10 different countries, cultures and languages.   He lived abroad for three years, lives in a cross-cultural family himself and has now managed to travel to 23 different countries on 4 continents as part of his training profession. He is an honours graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, where he was recognized by the Spanish embassy in Ottawa for exceptional academic achievment, the TESL Ontario ESL teacher certification program, and the University of British Columbia’s Centre of Intercultural Studies.  He has delivered hundreds of training sessions all over the globe for the last several years, including in Canada, U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Czech Republic, China, Japan, Austria and India and has also taught at Fanshawe College.  In addition, Ted works with a consortium of experienced consultants and experts in a variety of disciplines, located internationally – a group of veteran, senior leaders who come together to work on projects where they can create synergies for companies needing a little help.

Ted mixes the theory of Intercultural Communication with interactive small group work, discussion, debate, real-life examples and great teaching stories from his wide experience whenever he trains. He equips the participants with easy-to-apply strategies that they can take back to work the next day and immediately use.  His proprietary model, called Solve the Culture Puzzle! leads participants to ensure they are applying what they learn immediately, to gain results that help them and their company save time and money. 

Ted’s cross-cultural training and speaking environment, whether working with a senior management group, speaking to an HR professionals forum, or coaching a sales team, is always open, fast-paced, and enjoyable, with lots of laughter and learning and the endorsements say it clearly: 

“I wish I had taken your course two months ago before my trip to China. What you have just described is EXACTLY the difficult situation I found myself in. ” - E. Sheffield, course participant

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ted over the course of several years on a number of initiatives from program and training development to training delivery. His dynamic, witty personality brings a refreshing dynamic to even the most challenging project and into the classroom.

Ted has the ability to captivate his audience by engaging them on a learning journey that garners rave reviews from senior executives to front line production associates.

I highly recommend Ted to any organization wishing to provide training with impact to their employees and management. Training is a big investment for any organization and Ted's technique ensures that experience has a lasting impact on all who engage him.” - D. Hill, VP of HR, Fortune 500 company

“I've had the pleasure of working with Ted on a number of projects and would confidently recommend him to anyone in the market for a professional and engaging trainer. His ability to capture the interest of an audience is second to none. He has a tremendous passion for Cross Cultural Communication and makes complex concepts appeal to a broad participant mix. Ted works well with all levels of the organization and easily flexes his style to suit the audience. I highly recommend Ted!” - L. McCarthy, Adult Learning Course Designer, Fortune 500 company

“Best trainer in the last 10 years!” - Lisa M, H.R. Manager

“I couldn’t believe that a practical training course could be so enjoyable. I can put this to work immediately!”  Rene A., technical team leader


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