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    Cross Cultural Communication Training and Keynote Speaking!

    We do Cross Cultural Training - and we do it better!

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    We do training
    – and we do it better!

    Over 94% of our course evaluations clearly state,
    "I would recommend this course to a coworker".

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    Benefit from our experience.

    We've trained, worked with and coached leaders on four continents - get in touch today!

Understand cultural differences and drive results!

Solve the culture puzzle! Improve productivity and leadership performance in international or domestic teams immediately!

Benefit from our experience.  Look at our client list - on four continents we've trained their people, delivered keynote addresses, coached and worked with teams enjoying cultural perspectives from all over!  Let us help you solve the culture puzzle!


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Have you ever, in a moment of frustration, wondered why one culture does things this way while another culture does things that way? Have you ever wondered how much time and money intercultural difficulties could be costing you?

Don’t let cultural misunderstanding get in the way of your success!

Our training courses and speaking presentations, whether delivered in person or online, explain cultural differences in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply-to-work manner with a no-fluff approach. We teach you what you need to know to make your job easier across cultures, right now. This knowledge will help you to work and communicate more effectively with your employees, your leaders and your customers from different cultural backgrounds, around the world, regardless of where you are.   Whether in the public or private sector, those who have learned to understand and manage cultural differences create opportunities for synergy and success internationally, building relationships, getting things done right, saving time and saving money. That’s what we’re all about!                                     

At Solve the Culture Puzzle! our goal is to help you understand the people you work with - whoever they are or wherever they may be!


 Ted Bezner, owner

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Cultural Superiority, or Something Different?
Cultural Superiority, or Something Different?
Posted: 2017-11-09 1:01:00 PM

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