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Cross Cultural Effectiveness e-learning course.

Save time and money by understanding the cultures of your coworkers - an online course that makes it easy to be cross culturally effective - right now!

Have you ever wondered why one culture does things this way while another culture does things that way? This course explains cultural differences in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-apply-to-work approach using a combination of theory and applicable strategies and techniques. This knowledge will contribute to working and communicating effectively with employees, leaders and customers from different cultural backgrounds.

  • Reduce cross cultural frustrations and improve communication efficiency, saving time and money!
  • Remove cultural misunderstandings with employees, investors and customers, easily!
  • Understand the needs of key stakeholders in new and emerging markets to learn how to make an impact on the business more quickly!

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Instant Access (30 days) - $69 CAD

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